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Beta Delta Fundraising Efforts

The Sigma Chi Building Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is fully recognized by the IRS, meaning any charitable contributions are fully tax deductible.

There are multiple ongoing projects that are supported by the Building Foundation.

Details on each project can be found below.


Sigma Chi Building Foundation (SCBF) is a Montana non-profit corporation dedicated to serving the needs of Beta Delta Chapter at University of Montana. SCBF received 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service on July 28, 1999. Donations to SCBF are tax deductible.


In 2001, SCBF set a goal of building a $1,000,000 scholarship endowment for Beta Delta Chapter.  As of January 2016, that goal was surpassed thanks to the generosity of many brothers plus significant donations from the Estate of Harold Hansen ‘57 ($525,000) and a trust established by Ted Burton ‘47 ($120,000).


Donations to SCBF may take many forms including cash, stocks and real estate as well as donations from corporations. Donors may also wish to take advantage of charitable trusts.


Examples of donations:

Cash Donations.  The tax benefits of the donation can be estimated by multiplying the amount of donation times the effective tax rate of both Federal and state. For example, if a donor makes a contribution of $10,000 and the combined Federal and state tax rate is 35%, the actual cost of the donation is $6,500 due to a tax savings of $3,500.


Non-cash Donations. Donors can gift appreciated shares of stock and avoid paying capital gains taxes and deduct the full appreciated value of the stock. Non-cash donations can include real estate and include special tax rules.


Planned Gift Donations. These involve the use of a written document such as a will or a trust.


Please contact me if you have any questions about donating to the Sigma Chi Building Foundation.


Walt Kero
Beta Delta ’70 – Montana ’73

Project Boilermaker

Boilermaker was the name of a bedroom built in the basement next to the boiler of 1110 Gerald. It was built in the 1960s by some industrious Beta Delta brothers. It was named after a popular beer and tomato juice concoction and for its curious location next to the massive gas boiler that provided steam heat for The House. The gas boiler had been converted from the original coal fired boiler. The original boiler was fed coal from an underground auger sys-tem from the original coal storage building that eventually became Ski Shack in the 1960s.


Boilermaker was a tiny room measuring about 8′ x 10′ yet boasted three sin-gle bunk beds plus closet space. It was constructed totally out of wood in-cluding the walls. When the boiler was fired up only a few feet away, it turned into a literal sauna. The only source of ventilation in the room was the former coal chute used in the early 1900s to replenish the coal sup-ply for the boiler.
Regardless of its limitations, Boilermaker was much sought after by senior brothers who wanted to distance themselves from the mayhem of the second floor and Siberia bedrooms. There was also a handy bathroom next to it called Hogie’s Head, named for a former cook that legend has it committed suicide in the kitchen above.

When the gas boiler needed to be replaced in the early 1980s, a Fire Marshall inspection brought an end to Boilermaker. It was an obvious accident waiting to happen and was demolished. The huge cast iron gas boiler was replaced with a modern boiler about one quarter the size.

The current boiler has done yeoman’s work in heating The House…until now. After 34 years of faithful service, it is now on life support. To replace it with a new energy efficient model will cost an estimated $65,000.

Keep the heat on by supporting the Boilermaker Project. If you have ques-tions or input, please contact Rich Thompson at Phone 503.481.7974 or

Heart of the House

1110 Gerald’s room named Boyles is known as the “Heart of The House.” It bore a heart on its original oak entry door. But there is a much bigger heart in The House. Beta Delta has a long history of philanthropy. In the past 20 years alone, brothers have given over $2,200,000 to renovate 1110 Gerald, build both Wilcox Annex (2007) and New Ski Shack (2017) and create a $1,200,000 scholarship endowment that provides $60,000 a year to worthy Beta Delta undergraduate and graduate school brothers.


There are few Sigma Chi chapters that can take pride and give thanks for Beta Delta’s ongoing generosity. In fact, Beta Delta is used as a model for other chapters as what can be accomplished. We stand on the shoulders of visionaries like Professor Frederick Scheuch who established the Greek system at University of Montana. His vision relied on brothers yet to be born. This is at the heart of Beta Delta’s success: Investing in future brothers.


The House is now well over 100 years old, and keeping it in good repair is expensive. Also, 1110 Gerald is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, so we have an obligation to protect and maintain this national treasure.


With this in mind, Beta Delta’s Sigma Chi Building Foundation now announces the Heart of The House Campaign. This $500,000 fund will help pay for repairs and renovations to our beloved 1110 Gerald. 20% of donations (up to $10,000/year) will go to Missoula Alumni Association to underwrite Captain’s Cup Golf Tournament, Homecoming events, active and alumni activities.


Please give to Heart of the House Campaign in one of these categories:

1110 Gerald: $10,000 and up

Wilcox Annex: $5,000 to $9,999

New Ski Shack: $2,500 to $4,999

Boyles: $1,000 to $2,499

Orchid: $500 to $999

Nursery: $250 to $499

B.O.: Up to $249


All donations are tax deductible.