Alumni Memories - ΣX Beta Delta Chapter
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Alumni Memories

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Jim Rowe pegs one too many in the bar but doesn’t spill a drop of his vitamin  R.
– Submitted by Brother Eric T.

Just a short note of interest. Back in 1962 when I moved into the Sigma Chi Fraternity was slept in Siberia. Then moved into BO. From there I went to Hornings Hole in the upper rafters of Back Shack. I do believe myself, Lafay Hope, and Marty Ueland, and myself Jack Comporesi-“Ton’s of Fun” were the first ones to originally cleanout Ski Shack and turned it into a living space for us. The three of us along with Tom Croci moved into it in the spring of 62 where I lived for the next two years. I still have my White Cross given to me as the Sig of the week for my part in the renovation. I know it has changed quite a bit since then and I would love to see it now. 

 In Hoc, 

John (Jack) Comporesi, Beta Delta ’64 

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